Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reacting to the Elections

Excélsior reports that the PRD and the PRI are busy reexamining their electoral strategies after the failure in Baja California Sur (and in the PRI's case, Guerrero as well). My first reaction is that this would seem to be a bit of an overreaction to a very small sample size.

Members of the PRD are also saying it's time for Ortega to go. In the PRD's case, this is pretty silly, given that less than two weeks ago they scored a pretty significant win with Ángel Aguirre in Guerrero. However, whatever the circumstance, there are always going to be members of the PRD whose reaction is that it's time for Ortega to go, so we need not take that too seriously.

But maybe it actually makes sense for the PRI. Their biggest enemy at this point seems to be the expectation that they can keep winning elections by virtue of not being the PRD or PAN, which are very dysfunctional and/or saddled with incumbency in a very difficult context. If the reexamination means that the PRI will actually look to proactively win elections via specific proposals and a coherent ideological platform, well that's probably good news for everyone, even if it doesn't necessarily mean that the run of electoral success from 2007-2010 will be continued.

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