Monday, February 21, 2011

López Obrador on Ebrard in 2012

The headline:
If Ebrard wins the PRD candidacy I'll step to one side and I'll help him: López Obrador
That would seem a degree of magnitude more concrete (and more willing to consider the possibility of Ebrard's winning) than what we have heard on the subject, not to mention oddly timed considering his announcement yesterday about leaving the party. Yet the actual language leaves a little more wiggle room, and is pretty similar to what we've already heard from him:
At the proper time we will resolve [the issue] according to who is the best positioned. That is the pact we have.
I don't think I will believe that AMLO is actually stepping aside for Ebrard until roughly late June of 2012.


Mexfiles said...

Of course, AMLO is keeping his cards in play, but this would be a plausible outline. Ebrard isn't the "perfect" candidate for the left, but — given the likelihood of U.S. interference (again!!) in any move to the left within Mexico — he is less likely to have his election subverted.

pc said...

I'm afraid I don't see the US as having much relevance, neither in 2006 nor in 2012