Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wrong Place?

Today's Braylon Edwards update from Yahoo fantasy football reads as follows:
WR Braylon Edwards was accused of punching a man outside a Cleveland club early Monday morning. The victim is a friend of LeBron James, and both the victim and James said Edwards hit the man because Edwards is jealous of James. James went so far as to call Edwards "childish." Edwards responded on Twitter saying he admired and respected James. If it all sounds Peyton Place-ish, it's because it is.
Is that Peyton Place, "Grace Metalious's scathing indictment of 1940s small town America", or Melrose Place, which was "tacky, campy, and idiotic—compelling despite not being interesting"?

Incidentally, I have Braylon Edwards on my team this year, and he's a big reason why I can't get anything from my wideouts. I had Edwards, Ted Ginn, and Antonio Bryant as my numbers two, three, and four, and they are all failing to produce (though Bryant's lack of production is due to injury). Randy Moss is my top guy, but even he isn't catching a whole lot of TD's, and as a whole, the WR unit is killing me. Last week, with the TD-scoring Bryant back from injury but on the bench, I hit bottom with Ginn and Edwards combining for 3.5 points. I don't quite know what to do now; I dropped Ginn for Johnny Knox, but do I pull the plug on Edwards, now a Jet, too? The Roy Williams experience suggests that I do, but I can't quite bring myself to cut him yet. Suggestions?


jd said...

Drop him as fast as he always drops the ball. As an NYC resident, I admit being happy to see that the Post will have a new miscreant wideout to devote its attentions to, what with Plaxico no longer in a position to grace its pages.

jd said...

And consider picking up Heath Miller if you can get him. The way Roethlisberger is throwing in general and targeting him in particular, he may well score 10 TDs this season. And yes, I'm biased.

pc said...

I'm way ahead of you on Miller, I'm alternating him and Greg Olson. I also picked up that backup running back from U of I and I'm hoping Fast Willie stays hurt. The Stillers could help me get back on my feet.

Hey did you check out the Bowden piece in Nexos last month?

jd said...

Nay, missed it - available online?

And then there's this from Tom Russell. I've never been to El Paso/Juarez so I can't speak for the accuracy of the mood it sets, but it's an evocative piece. Richard Grabman didn't like it.

pc said...

Thanks for the tip.

Here's the Bowden piece.

I'm interested in what you think about this, but probably better for an email than a comment thread.