Monday, October 5, 2009

Two Percent Comments from the PRD

The perredista governor of Chiapas has come out in favor of the 2 percent consumption tax proposed by Felipe Calderón. Carlos Navarette encouraged his fellow perredistas to not focus unduly on the consumption tax, but to rather consider the totality of the measures proposed by the president. The Mexico City PRD is planning to launch a campaign against the tax. And Alejandro Encinas says that the PRD deputies are on the verge of releasing their own proposal, one to be characterized (at least, according to Excélsior) "very strict austerity" measures. Which seems a bit odd for the party of the left, but I guess with a center-right party acting as the loudest voice for tax increases, one can't really expect orthodox ideological approaches to budget policy in today's Mexico.


Mexfiles said...


Austerity in public office has been seen as a virtue by the "left" since the French Revolution. Why do you think the right always makes a big deal of it when some Commie leader is photographed taking a vacation, or surrounded by the trappings of wealth?

A call for more government austerity -- cutting salaries and benefits for high level officials -- was one of the more popular of the Lopez Obrador 50-points.

pc said...

I was thinking of austerity more in terms of budget hawkery, which is something I associate more with economic orthodoxy on the fiscal right. Austerity in the "neoliberal IMF program" sense of the word.

As far as the ideal of personal austerity among government officials i.e. AMLO, I think that;s something different from what I was referring to, but I think you get examples of that from both sides of the political spectrum.