Monday, October 12, 2009

More Reaction

Marcelo Ebrard has rejected the liquidation, saying:
If we follow the logic that any business that has problems can be disappeared, imagine what would happen with Pemex, with all of the other businesses. I'm not saying that it's not necessary to revise the situation of the electric company, it probably is necessary, but the methodology doesn't seem to me to be the best.
In a country full of fiery leftists, Ebrard has carved out a space (rhetorically, I mean) that is much more appealing to the mass middle. I think the above is a pretty good example of that; most of the country probably disagrees with him (I expect some polling to pop up in the next couple of days), but he phrases it in such a way that few would be scared off of voting for him based on that one difference of opinion.

Also, the SME has announced a march for Thursday morning.

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