Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Idea from the PRD

Now this is what should come to mind when people think of the PRD: the party's Senate bloc has a proposal to tax earnings from Mexico's stock exchange. The party's fiscal plan does not include the 2 percent consumption tax, and it's unclear from the above article what would be the difference in revenue from one versus the other.

Update: And a not so good idea: the PRD is proposing a 15 percent tax on junk food, which I can only imagine is just as regressive as the 2 percent proposal, and is far more regressive than the above proposal.


jd said...

Go sol azteca! Sin taxes are good. Yes, it's regressive, but it also might be big enough to have a real effect on consumption (and potentially health care costs). You gotta get revenue from somewhere. Better yet, spend the revenue collected on public health programs for the poor. That's paternalist public policy I can believe in.

pc said...

You make a good case. Honestly I'm ambivalent. Whatever the case, this kind of stuff should be a bigger part of the PRD's profile than Congressional takeovers and fraudulent internal elections and marches on the capital. As far as upgraded health programs for poor Mexicans, here's a story: