Friday, October 2, 2009

Controlling Mexico City

After taking Marcelo Ebrard to task for his lack of tolerance for local opposition in DF, Leo Zuckermann says that placing the committee in the Chamber of Deputies that deals with DF in the hands of the PAN will benefit chilangos:
It seems positive to me that [Gabriela] Cuevas will be the president of the DF Committee. It's good for the city that there is another counterweight, even a limited one, from the Chamber of Deputies. Because democracy is precisely a regime of weights and counterweights. James Madison had it right when he said that the best way to avoid tyranny of one politicians is by countering his ambition with the ambition of other politicians. In this struggle of ambitions the population is favored with a better government. I think the capital city denizens will benefit from the struggles of ambitions between Cuevas to be the next mayor of DF and of Ebrard to be the next president of Mexico.

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