Monday, September 12, 2011

Words That You'd Perhaps Rather Not Read of the New Ambassador to Mexico

From the Washington Post:
In interviews with The Washington Post, Wayne’s tutors at the day-long briefing described him as “the diplomat’s diplomat,” who did more listening than revealing. One participant offered, “He asked smart questions.” Another said, “He didn’t seem to know a lot about Mexico.”
He sounds like the W of diplomacy! Although maybe a blank slate is a better fit here. In any event, the job is probably given greater weight than it has in practice.


RG said...

Worse than not knowing much about Mexico, Anthony Wayne knows TOO MUCH about Afghanistan... or rather... being a U.S. diplomat in Afghanistan.

pc said...

Yeah I hear you, although he did seem to bend over backwards to indicate that he recognizes the difference. But the symbolism is bad, and the war zone skill set is perhaps misused.