Friday, September 2, 2011

Where Calderón Is To Blame: Security

On the occasion of his penultimate informe, Macario Schettino writes:
Although organized crime has always existed, the advances it has achieved against a diminished state (without a regime) is evident. What Calderón should be criticized for is not having decided to confront it, but rather having erred in the target. It's not drug trafficking that is the fundamental problem, but rather the exercise of violence against the society, which is to say, the intention of organized crime to contest with the state the monopoly on violent. That's Calderón's error, which will have to be corrected. But whoever wants to do it will confront the same problems as the current president: fractured, captured institutions, lacking in human and financial resources, distrust from the society, a culture of illegality, and add it all up.

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