Saturday, September 3, 2011

Won't Someone Rid Me of This Troublesome Party President?

Leo Zuckermann on Peña Nieto's options with regard to Moreira:
Literally and symbolically, Moreira has turned into a liability for the PRI's presidential campaign. He adds little and could potentially subtract a lot. Because for Peña to become president he will have to present himself as a figure of a new, modern PRI, different from the authoritarian version, that has learned to govern in a democracy; that, absolutely, doesn't commit the same abuses of the past, like those that Moreira committed in Coahuila.


If Moreira is removed, Peña will minimize one of the most harmful attacks that will come during his campaign, that of "an old dog doesn't learn new tricks", but he will run the risk of alientating all the PRI politicians who are seek protection given the abuses of power they have committed in their states. In contrast, if Moreira remains at the head of the PRI, Peña would leave a very dangerous flank open during the presidential campaign, but he will keep calm the priístas who are willing to help him in exchange for his subsequent protection from the presidency.

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