Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where Calderón Is To Blame: Economy

Schettino finds less blame on this issue:

On the economic side, for practically the entire sexenio we have suffered pressure from abroad: since mid-2008, and the immense subsidy to gasoline and diesel the rest of the year. Later, the financial crisis that in its diverse manifestations remains with us and will continue the final year of the government. Against these foreign pressures, the Mexican economy doesn't have tools. The corporations of the old regime have become independent from the system and defend their privileges with all of their power: oligopolistic businessmen, union and campesino leaders all erect obstacles for the country and continue extracting rents from the rest. It's not possible to approve a labor reform that opens spaces for competitiveness; a reform of the Law of Competition was passed, but the judiciary made it useless with a series of injunctions; the privileged have dug their trenches and are defending themselves.

Meanwhile, commentators stuff their mouth criticizing the uselessness of the president. Heck of a favor we do for a country that cannot construct a political regime. But it's conventional wisdom that everyone who has access to the media must insult the president and the Congress. Well, no. If we do have a future, it won't come from that comfortable position, but rather the effort to find feasible exits with the few and poor tools that we do have. For this government, and those to come.

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