Saturday, September 24, 2011

Drogba's Concussion Problems and Mourinho's Ramos Problem

The Chelsea striker on his recovery from the knock to the head several weeks ago:
"I was scared. I couldn't remember anything from after Norwich equalised until I was being rushed to hospital. I didn't know what was going on.

"But I'm really grateful to everyone who helped me, the stadium staff and the medics who calmed me down. They told me I'd been unconscious for between six to eight minutes.

"I've had some injuries before - I've broken a leg and arm but this was worse. I had concussion and a perforated ear drum which is why I needed time. I was feeling dizzy and needed to wait for my ear to heal.

"I couldn't cope with any noise, it was too noisy in my head and I wasn't allowed to fly because it was too dangerous.

"Not playing was frustrating, but I was lucky I was still alive and I knew it was only a question of time and I'd play football again."

That sounds pretty awful. And now, rumors of a Real rift:

Less can be said about Real Madrid, who after an attractive and energetic-looking start have suddenly fallen into the doldrums. Their draw up at Santander was a morale-booster for Hector Cuper's men but left the whole Madrid thing looking a bit on the soggy side. Conspiracy theorists point to the first rumblings against Mourinho from the players' ranks, with Sergio Ramos allegedly left on the bench because he dared to deviate from the manager's line last week regarding referees, cheating opponents and the slings and arrows of life in general. There are those in Madrid (Ramos is one of them) who do not buy into the new Madrid-as-victims gig, and Mou may have to be a little more careful in future. If he's bothered.

Winning a few games convincingly should quiet a lot of that, but you wonder how long such a polarizing figure as Mourinho can continue without winning some of the major hardware. If they come up short in La Liga and in the Champions League once more, and Mourinho continues to cry conspiracy while sending Marcelo and Pepe out to play a modified brand of rugby, will he last into his third year? I suspect not. Another reason to root for Barça.

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