Friday, July 8, 2011

Update: Alliances, AMLO, and Ebrard

Armando Contreras, the PRD official charged with overseeing political alliances, said that without an alliance, his party is going nowhere in 2012. His position might play a small role in that assessment --it would seem to give Contreras a much larger role in the presidential election process than he would otherwise have-- but such a stark admission is rather damning.

Also, AMLO reaffirmed his commitment to step aside if Ebrard is better positioned in the fall, though again without straying from his purposefully vague formulation of "better positioned". He said, "I don't even aspire to be a man of the state, I aspire to be a man of the nation; what I am seeking is the transformation of the country, I don't fixate on elections."

Interesting self-analysis, given 2006. He also said that Ebrard "isn't disliked by the mafia". Take that, Chelo!! A bigger insult would be hard to conjure up.

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