Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lessons from Mexico State

Macario Schettino says disunity and poor candidates did in the PRD and the PAN in Mexico State, and adds this bit regarding 2012:
So, heading into 2012 the PRI has a candidate that seems good (that's what the polls say), but they still need to assure themselves of unity. The PRD, in contrast, hasn't decided on their candidate still, but the decision would seem to assure that there won't be unity. The PAN, finally, seems to be the party with the best chance of maintaining unity, but with the least clarity regarding who will be their candidate. And, unlike the others, in the slate of seven aspirants there are many bad candidates.

Until there are candidates, we won't know who can win. Don't get confused.
Regarding PRI unity, Manlio Fabio Beltrones called on Peña Nieto to reject the old era of dedazos in selecting the party's candidate.

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