Saturday, July 30, 2011

Embarrassed for My Country

This event goes somewhere between Abu Ghraib and Britney Spears on the scale of US embarrassment. I'm glad that among the lingering impressions of the US for one of the finest collection of athletes ever assembled will be a police officer ten times more abrasive then necessary.


El Aguila said...

¿Que pasó?

Noel Maurer said...

Yeah, what happened? She just rolled them up for taking photos?

pc said...

Aguila, sorry I missed this. Noel, good to see you. So yeah they were going to have a kick-around on the mall, but the Park Police weren't having it (there is evidently a rule against gatherings of more than 15 people on the mall, regardless of athletic ability), so Barça got tossed. And I am fairly certain that lady's scolding has had a direct impact on their awful play since then.