Thursday, July 7, 2011

2012 Alliance: Not Dead

Gustavo Madero breathes life into the not-quite-dead embers of a PAN-PRD alliance in 2012:
Is the chapter of the alliances closed?
The alliances are very successful, I am convinced of that, but certain conditions need to be met, they can't be invented or placed together artificially.


No possibility is closed; in the future, the PAN wants to create alliances with the people, the PAN will open itself up to young people.

But you are not shutting down an alliance with the PRD in 2012?
We are neither working on it nor shutting it down. We are going to prepare so that the party, with all of its organizational structure, its proposals, and its candidates, is ready to win the election in 2012.
At the very least, he neglected to throw water on the fire.


Mexfiles said...

There are reasons the party might NOT want to be in coalition with them, especially as a junior partner.While PRD-PAN coalitions have had electoral success, governance hasn't always in the best interests of PRD's broader goals or those of its supporters.

At least here in Sinaloa, the "alliance" has meant rule though a "PAN-dilla" of the governor's cronies and ultra-rightists: PRD interests might have been better served if the party was in the opposition, where with PRI, it could probably hold off some of the stupider measures, and — with the usual political horse trading, and PRI's knee-jerk tendency to oppose whatever PAN proposes (and vice-versa) maybe actually get some decent social legislation thru the State Legislature.

pc said...

Yeah I wouldnt disagree with that, the alliances are doubtless problematic. Whether or not its the lesser of two evils depends a lot on the situation.