Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Silly Spanish, Now Mixed with Falsehoods

In a post creatively titled Escandalo Cibersexo, Barry Petchesky writes:
Mexico's Copa America squad has already been decimated by prostitutes. Now, an Argentinian model has sold some photo and videos to the tabloids, allegedly featuring an online encounter with an U17 World Cup player, at 1:20 the night before a big match. [Guanabee]
The player is Andrés Guardado. He is, as the article states, 24 years old. He did not play in the U17 World Cup, nor has he ever. (He wasn't named to the 2003 U17 team, and he was too old for the 2005 squad.) Deadspin has been all over Grantland for their factual errors, so it'll be interesting to see if they fix this.

/Angry because I once met Guardado in an airport, and he was quite friendly.

//Actually just saw him from a medium distance.


jd said...

Ok, no defense of that one. But lovely deployment of the backslash. Though you forgot one.

/dick joke

//You were probably just keeping the blog clean

///Emmitt Smith joke

pc said...

haha yeah gotta have the /dick joke.

/No rules on the internet!!
//Grantland joke.