Monday, July 25, 2011

Respect for the Army

A poll from Excélsior revealed a strikingly pro-army viewpoint on a series of questions:
  • 58 percent said that the army and armed forces respect human rights, while another 15 percent said that they do partially
  • 67 percent said that the army's performance on human rights was satisfactory, compared to only 29 who said it was not. The corresponding figures for the Federal Police were 45 and 52 percent, and 30 and 69 for the municipal police.
  • Regarding the fuero militar, 61 percent said it contributes to military discipline, 61 percent said it increases the confidence in members of the military, and 61 percent said that guarantees that those who do commit abuses will be punished (to clarify, those were in fact three separate questions, just the same 61 percent evidently feels the same about all of them)
  • Half of those polled said that they have more confidence in the military tribunals than the civilian courts, against only 22 percent who said the opposite

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