Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Evolution of Corruption

Kill an hour or so reading this examination on the old and new styles of corruption in Mexico, by Luis Carlos Ugalde. It's not actually that long, but I assume you'll be bouncing between that and old Youtube clips of Walter Payton and Barry Sanders, which slows the progress a bit.

Also as Aguachile mentioned, this piece from Denise Maerker on the PRI's "electoral tourism" is interesting. That is, of course, every bit as morally shady a practice as burning ballots that went to the opposition, but insofar as this imposes a steeper cost on those who would contribute to steal elections, I actually think it's an improvement. Convincing an election-swinging quantity of people to pull up stakes and move to another state is a lot trickier than just stealing the or stuffing the ballots used to be.

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