Sunday, July 3, 2011

Obvious Improvement

Why doesn't Concacaf stage the Gold Cup once every four years, sharing the summer with the European Cup? As it is, the tournament competes for attention and first-team resources with the Copa América and the Confederations Cup, which is worse because the US and Mexico compete in both of them, which often leads to them to send a B-team to get spanked by world powers. The embarrassment aside, that's just a terrible missed opportunity; instead of sending that joke of a squad in 2007, it would have been great to see Donovan and the rest match up against the best in the hemisphere. This year, Mexico's sending Gio and a bunch of under-22s, which is fine, but I'd like to see Hernández, Barrera, and the rest of the A-teamers square off against Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

As it is, the best US and Mexico squads typically have the chance to take the field against the best in the world in games that matter only in the Confederations and the World Cup. The results speak for themselves.

Although Mexico sent A-teams to both tourneys in 2007, so maybe the fault lies with the federation rather than the schedule-setters.

Update: Or not, that's a new Concacaf rule, according to last night's broadcast. Ridiculous.

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