Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peña Nieto's Doings

Peña Nieto today promised to gradually pull the army off the streets should he become president. That gives more wiggle room than a [too lazy to think of a metaphor in which a lot of wiggle room is implied], but I believe it's further than he has gone on that issue in the past. Also, doesn't Peña Nieto looked old here?:
Gray hairs!! Perhaps this is why: in the past three months, according to Ipsos, Peña Nieto's poll numbers have dropped by 18 points. And with Vázquez Mota in the race, he has a lead of just 12 points. As a lesser known figure, Vázquez Mota could well eat into that figure as she introduces herself to the public. Although she also needs to avoid gaffes and make a good impression, something that is certainly not a given. See here, for instance, for more information on that score.

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