Friday, February 10, 2012

Mistakes from the PAN

I think the PAN did the best they could with a rather difficult hand in selecting their presidential candidate, but in two lesser races, they've made very disappointing selections: eager to prove that the reactionary Christian right remains robust and influential, they passed over José Ángel Córdova the internationally renowned health minister, selecting instead Miguel Márquez Márquez by a margin of 25 points. This led to speculation that the PRI would snap Córdova up as their candidate, which would have been a sharp move on their part, though it appears as though he will now work on Vázquez Mota's campaign.

And, they selected Zeferino Torreblanca, the ex-perredista governor of Guerrero as their candidate for the mayoralty in Acapulco. Torreblanca left office disliked by virtually everyone outside of his immediate family (and rumor has it many of them were on the fence), and was I believe selected as the most distrusted governor in the nation by a poll in 2007 or so. It is understandable that the PAN wants a presence in states where it has one, but Torreblanca is not the kind of presence the party should want.

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