Friday, February 24, 2012

Mexico in the GOP Race

It's not faring too well: Romney said the other night that Arizona's law was a model for the nation, while Santorum told Excélsior in an interview the other day that relations between the US and Mexico "are not particularly strong". There's a bit of a difference here: Santorum's comment is, of course, a debatable matter of opinion and a descriptive statement, while Romney's offers a more direct indication of his policy preferences, or at least those preferences he'd like to project. (The latter will surely turn out to be an unhelpful comment when Romney is courting the Latino vote in a few months.) But they are both negative, as most of the references to Mexico during the race have been throughout. It would be nice to hear them push back against the stereotypes, point out that immigration is drying out, that Mexico is not as violent as much of Latin America, that a million Americans live there, et cetera, but then I guess electoral politics are a bad place to look for that.

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