Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Electoral Reform's Lasting Impact

Leo Zuckermann has had a couple of columns in recent days detailing some unfortunate and inevitable side-effects of the 2007 electoral reform, which needlessly and (probably) fruitlessly sought to limit political appearances outside of the official campaign periods. Even if you think Zuckermann's argument is not that strong (which is not what I'm saying, but just supposing), I don't think I've ever read an affirmative case for the electoral regime's restrictions that was remotely convincing.

[New Year's resolution number 231: jump between first and second person in the same sentence more often.]

Zuckermann also speculates
today that we are going to see the arrest of a big fish priísta in the days to come. If that's done for electoral purposes, aside from being morally suspect, it's also politically risky, given the end result of the michoacanazo and the Jorge Hank Rhon case.

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