Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No Hay Nada Nuevo Bajo el Sol: Peña Nieto Owns a Double-Digit Lead, AMLO Can't Get Beyond 20 Percent

Buendía y Laredo has Peña Nieto at 48 percent, Vázquez Mota at 32 percent, and López Obrador at 20 percent. As with Orwell's (I think) line about honest book critics, I can only say that this poll provokes no reaction in me whatsoever.

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Mexfiles said...

I'm expecting the pollsters to be standing off at 10 paces with loaded questions... I wrote last night on another poll with very different results, which makes me think the most we can expect from the pollsters are broad trends -- EPN downwards, JVM and AMLO fighting inching upwards. The fun won't begin until about May at least.

pc said...

I saw that note about the COvarrubias poll, now that's one I have an opinion about. It seems way too far from the average to be anywhere near credible. I think the question in any event is how far down EPN is moving or has moved. It's hard to know now if there has been anything more than a meaningless blip or a minor shift.