Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ignorance on ESPN

Here was a Sportscenter take on Mayweather-Mosley:
There's not a lot Mayweather has not done...undefeated in all 40 career bouts with 25 knockouts. Mosley not too shabby either, 46 and 5 with 39 knockouts.
This follows Gus Johnson's comment on a recent Showtime broadcast that Mayweather was better than Pacquiao because he was undefeated and Pacquiao had lost three times. Of course, you don't measure boxing greatness by the zero in the loss column, unless you are Floyd Mayweather or you don't know much about the sport. Consider: Muhammad Ali (five losses) is considered far and away a better fighter than Rocky Marciano (zero). Duran's on most people's top-ten all-time list despite having lost 16 times, including one of the most famous tank jobs in the history of sports. Sugar Ray Robinson is generally considered the best fighter in the history of the sport, despite losing 19 times.

The smarter observers measure boxers by whom they beat, and, the anchor's comment notwithstanding, there is in fact a lot Mayweather hasn't done. Notably, he hasn't ever beaten a welterweight widely thought of as elite, despite fighting at 147 since 2005. For that matter, the closest he got to an elite fighter at 140 was Arturo Gatti.


don quixote said...

The greatest fighters of all time are usually considered great due not only their own greatness but also the greatness and courage of their opponents and especially concerning their fearlessness about whom they fight.
Mayweather is and always has been a chickenshit who not only holds, runs, whines and does everything possible not to fight but who also does the same running and holding outside the ring when it's time to sign for a fight against any worthy opponent who might put up a good fight.
Mayweather is so afraid of getting hit that he gave up 10 or 20 million dollars that he would have made against PacMan by making ridiculous demands that PacMan take a blood test in the training room before the fight.
Like Freddy Roach said, "We have a boxing commission in Nevada that has rules about blood testing, all of a sudden Mayweather starts making up his own rules, he must really be afraid to meet Manny in the ring".

pc said...

Yeah I can't disagree. If he would have fought have of Casamayor and Freitas at 135, Cotto and Tzsyu at 140, and Cotto, Williams, Pacquiao, Margarito, or Mosley at 147, he'd probably have a loss or three on his resume, but he'd be a lot better positioned to be remembered as an all-time great. As it is, he should have one IMO for the first JL Castillo fight.