Thursday, March 18, 2010

O'Reilly on (Vicente) Fox

Via Malcolm Beith, here's a brief discussion of Mexico between Bill O'Reilly and Janet Napolitano:

O'REILLY: OK. Now the — we did a segment the other night on the Mexican drug wars. I think that President Calderon should welcome U.S. federal agents and perhaps military people down to assist. Do you agree?

NAPOLITANO: Yes, and he is. We are working with President Calderon at the federal level, and that includes…

O'REILLY: But this would be a scoop if we can get our military and federal agents armed down there in Mexico because they have not been welcomed up to this point. Do you think they will be welcomed?

NAPOLITANO: Well, they're welcomed in terms of arms. There are different arrangements with different agencies. But here's the thing. There are large cartels in Mexico. They've been allowed to grow for a number of years. I prosecuted some of the cartel members when I was U.S. Attorney. We need to help Mexico any way we can.

O'REILLY: Yes, Mexico needs to let us help.


O'REILLY: And they have been reluctant to let our federal agents to carry arms down there, and they've been reluctant to use our military. I hope they'll change.

NAPOLITANO: Well, let me tell you, I've been working border crime for a number of years as an attorney general and as a U.S. Attorney. I've never seen the Mexican government more committed to deal with these…

O'REILLY: Calderon's a good man, unlike Fox. Fox was a crook.


I think Fox is as much of a clown as the next guy, and Napolitano was probably agreeing more with the first part of that final sentence than the second, but agreeing with personal attacks on the former leader of an ally is not good practice.

As far as the rest of it, a) American agents do operate in Mexico, so all of this recent discussion and denials on both sides of the border are just a weird jaunt into fantasy land, and b) the American military is not the solution to every problem.


malcolm beith said...

i agree, i think she was agreeing to the first part of the sentence. but i expect more from an official like her. she should interject and spell out what she's agreeing with. this is the way so-called journalists like O'Reilly trap people they interview. not good journalism, so need to be prepared.

re US agents in mexico, you've got a good point. Why is it that some people keep pretending DEA are not on the ground here? it's totally legal, and agreed to by both governments. a bit baffling to me.

pjk said...

jesus christ. yes, send the U.S. military to mexico. solo faltaba eso.

pc said...

Yeah pretty crazy. I'm sure the joint chiefs are licking their chops at the thought of grinding the army down even more fighting street punks in Juarez. I dont watch O'Reilly, but wow that's just kind of a warped view of things.

RE the agents in Mexico, I don't get it. It's really bizarre. I can't think of any other example quite like it where there is so much energy expended on arguing over a figment of the imagination. It's like if military analysts were genuinely concerned about the state of the American spacial forcefield.

pc said...

Malcolm I just realized I spelled your name wrong initially....sorry!!! Feel free to call me Patriq for a month.