Friday, March 19, 2010


A Beltrán Leyva big shot in San Pedro, the posh suburb of Monterrey, has been arrested, the latest blow to an organization that has seen a lot of them over the past four months. Also in Monterrey, there was a gunfight between the army and another group that led to two gunmen being killed right by the campus of the prestigious Tec de Monterrey, which is analogous to the Ivy League here in Mexico. Actually, it's more like a cross between MIT and the University of Phoenix, but you get the idea.

Also, US officials arrested more than a 100 alleged gang-members in El Paso, specifically the Barrio Azteca, which is said to house many of those doing the killing in Juárez, including those of the gang Los Aztecas. I've read in the past about how a lot of the biggest fish fighting it out in Juárez spend almost all their time in El Paso (safety is an issue for them, too, or perhaps for them, especially), and this is an unexplored area in which the US could potentially do a lot to help calm things in Juárez.

Update: The two people killed were actually graduate students at the Tec, which explains why the story was all over the airwaves. Calderón and Zavala are the latest to express condolences.

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