Monday, March 8, 2010

Gringo Polling

There are some revealing bits of info in an Excélsior poll released today about Mexican perceptions of the American role in combating insecurity south of the Rio Grande. For starters, 62 percent said that they think the US and Mexico cooperate very little or not at all in security matters, which seems more a problem of PR than anything. Seventy percent said that the US does little or nothing to reduce consumption within its borders. Sixty-three percent favored the operation of American agents on Mexican soil for security tasks, compared to only 29 who opposed it, which further demonstrates that the issue is not as controversial as it has been made out to be in recent days. Fifty-one percent said that Calderón has done a lot on security matters, a figure that has increased by nine points in the past five months. Somewhat worryingly, 50 percent of those answering the poll said that Calderón protects Chapo Guzmán.

Regarding this last point, one suspects that Calderón could score some more favorable numbers if he a) didn't legitimize the point by arguing it, and b) caught Chapo, or some of his very close, already famous associates: Juan José Esparragoza, Ismael Zambada, etc. Catching mid-level players we've never heard of doesn't have the same impact.

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