Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Year, Another Bogus Ranking

Chapo Guzmán is back in the pages of Forbes magazine, falling to spot 937 this year, but conserving his fortune of a billion dollars, according to the publication. Malcolm Beith writes:
Let the squabbles over methodology begin, unless the Calderon administration has finally learned its lesson about addressing irrelevant issues and leaving that to the bloggers.
Good point, but luckily I'm not the president and I am writing in precisely the sort of forum Beith recommends, so let me direct you last year's attack on Forbes for their ridiculous ranking, and emphasize that we have no reason to believe that it is less ridiculous this year.

Carlos Slim jumped up to first place this year. Seven other Mexicans joined Slim and Guzmán.


malcolm beith said...

the hope, of course, is that Los Pinos reads our blogs and deliberates into the night over what exactly it will say to the press tomorrow. then we'll know precisely who is running the country.

pc said...

jaja yeah that's been the biggest problem over the past couple of years, not enough influence for the foreign bloggers.