Monday, March 15, 2010

El Universal on the Court

This is from last week, but worth posting:
First, the ministers removed the ability of human rights commissions to go before international tribunals when there charges need it or deserve it; they want to be the only judges to make decisions regarding violations. That's what is confirmed by the second decision from the Court, made just yesterday. It turns out that for the justices the PGR is correct in requesting to be the only agency to define, without any control, when it grants or denies the CNDH an initial request.


Where does this tendency from the members of the highest court in the country come from? The Court gives the impression that the it prefers those in government more than the regular citizens, even when the power granted to the former goes overboard, as in this case.
More here. The Supreme Court had been on a contrary run, ruling against the power and for the people in many cases last year. That seems to have come to an end.

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