Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dirty Mau from San Pedro

Mauricio Fernández, who incidentally shares more than a passing resemblance with Danny Aiello, has been in trouble this week for the payments his government has admitted to making to Alberto Mendoza, a Beltrán Leyva associate who was recently arrested by federal authorities. Fernández said he was paying Mendoza for information, but of course, given Fernández's history, one wonders what exactly is the line between Mendoza being an informant on one hand, and corrupting and being protected by the local government on the other. In any event, the PAN knew exactly what kind of man it was sending to head the government in San Pedro, and the fact that no one from the federal government has come out and condemned Fernández's excesses (although he has had a few meetings/interrogations with federal authorities) makes something of a mockery of the PAN's self-identity as the one immaculate party.

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