Sunday, March 4, 2012

What If Pep and Mou Switched Sides?

Alexander Netherton tackles that fun question, but takes it to some unusual places:
Mourinho wouldn't necessarily need the huge money available at Real to re-establish Barcelona. The number of reports stressing Mourinho's team building abilities make any further demonstration unnecessary. Adding to Cech, Terry and Lampard with the signing of Drogba he created the most durable spine of the Premier League era. At Inter he did something similar with Cesar, Lucio, Sneijder and Eto'o. At Barcelona plenty of the replacements are already there in the reserves. The emotional ties players claim to have for Barcelona would only help Mourinho create his desired team spirit. There is no reason to doubt he could create a new foundation to rejuvenate ambition in a team that occasionally seems happy to go through the, admittedly impressive, motions.
Odd that Barça is the consensus best team on the planet, they remain the favorites to pick up a double, including the Champions League, and he talks about the need to reestablish them. It's like so many GOP debaters talking about the need to reestablish American power.

In any event, both Real and Barça would continue to kick everyone else's ass if the two men at the top switched sides. I think someone else mentioned this in a column a few weeks ago, but it's far more fun to consider how Pep or Mourinho would do at the reins of, say, Getafe.

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