Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Small Campaign

After arriving in grand style to register with IFE as the PAN candidate --that is, on the back of a motorcycle driven by one of her security detail, an option selected because of the DF traffic and the candidate running late for her appointment-- Josefina Vázquez Mota challenged her opponents to take drug and polygraph tests. Inspiring.


tepetapan said...

I´ll say it once and I´ll say it again.... Everyone should be tested for drugs and have a lie detector test when running for public office here in Mexico AND the USA and everywhere else.
Is It Wrong? Got Something To HIde?

pc said...

I don't agree with that, for the following reasons: a) Polygraphs aren't 100 percent reliable; b) What are the lies you are looking to catch, and where do you draw the line about what is a question worth asking? c) You inevitably drive more talented people out of politics when you have this kind of charade. This rewards puritanism rather than ability. d) Having "something to hide" sounds ugly, but virtually everybody has elements of their private life that they don't want the public knowing, and rightfully so. e) There's no reason to conclude that our present vetting process, ie extensive pressure from media outlets during a campaign and elections, is insufficient.

malcolm said...

i think only people who have taken drugs should run for office, personally. never trust someone who says they never got high.