Monday, November 1, 2010


Using info from an OECD report, El Universal tells us that 12 million Mexicans ages 15-29, or about a third of the total of that age group, are unsatisfied with their jobs. That number actually seems low to me; I didn't think anyone under 35 was satisfied with work anywhere in the world. The report also says that close to 7 million youths neither work nor study, which constitutes the worrisome group known the "ni-nis". I'm not sure what age group they are referring to, but El Universal tells us it's about 35 percent of the total, so I imagine it's something like 15-23 years old. Anyway, this group is often held up as fertile recruiting ground for organized crime, which makes the goal of getting them studying and working all the more imperative. Even if the link to a future in crime is exaggerated (and I suspect that it may be), it's still a worthy goal.

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