Friday, November 12, 2010

Solution to Crime in Juárez: Serious Edition

Excélsior says that the Federal Police is implementing a new security plan in Juárez:
Federal Police officials are patrolling the most dangerous zones in Ciudad Juárez, where they are carrying out a census in order to obtain information on residents. The objective: create "safe zones".

The strategy seeks to create "islands" of security, which is to say, neighborhoods and roadways that will be patrolled 24 hours a day and where federal forces will be in permanent contact with the citizens. The tracing of personal information, which has caused mistrust among Juárez residents, seeks to locate residents and close avenues for delinquents.
First of all, this sounds a bit like the clear, hold, and build strategy that US government employed in Iraq. One would think it, in theory at least, it would be a lot easier to implement across a city instead of an entire nation. Second, the distrust is not unjustified given the abuses we have read about in Juárez. The flip side to that is that this kind of operation won't be able to succeed if abuses by federal forces are more than just very infrequent anomalies.

Lastly, I believe this is the first piece I've read that about Juárez that sketched out an operational strategy. In the past, the descriptions never got beyond the unit being sent to Juárez, as if that alone amounted to comprehensive approach to the city's security.

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