Sunday, November 7, 2010


Excélsior says that the fighting in Matamoros that followed the arrest of Tony Tormenta led to a curfew in Brownsville, the American town across the border. As far as I know, that's not particularly common.

Update: Or perhaps not. Gtodon points out in comments that there is nothing on the story on the news wires, and that someone from Brownsville is denying the news in the comments below the Excélsior piece.


gtodon said...

Excelsior is probably wrong about the curfew. I searched for stories in the Texas press about this and found nothing. And one of the comments on the Excelsior story is from a Brownsville resident who says there was no curfew.

pc said...

I'm thinking you're probably right, I can't find anything...I thought it was odd that no one in the States had picked up on it. Really sloppy on their part though.