Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still More on La Familia's Offer

The operator arrested the other day paints a pretty bleak picture of the organization, saying it "is going downhill, it's already really poorly organized." He also said that the offer was motivated in part because La Tuta "is just done...physically, emotionally, and in terms of health", and that he seems to be just looking to avoid problems.

This mental exhaustion is something that appears appears in virtually every detailed account you ever read of drug traffickers, from Osiel to Killing Pablo. Relatedly, the desire for traffickers to find a way out that doesn't imply life in prison or violent death is something you see repeatedly both in real life (Amado Carrillo had spoken of remaking himself in South America, and I believe Pablo Acosta was negotiating terms with American authorities when he was killed) and in fiction (all the characters look for an exit in Cártel de los Sapos).

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