Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Group

The marines report that the group of toughs protecting Tony Tormenta was known as the Scorpions, which is certainly sinister, though we prefer our gang names with a bit more obliqueness. La Línea, or Los Zetas, for example. After all, if you have to conspicuously call attention to your dangerousness, then you're probably not that dangerous. Anyway, we'll see if this group disappears or if they emerge as a name that continues to play a role in Tamaulipas and beyond.


Burro Hall said...

FWIW, "El Gancho" would make an awesome name for a cartel. Or better yet, for the enforcement arm of one.

pc said...

Funny that you mention it, once I had the trademark, I shopped the name to a variety of drug traffickers before I started the blog. No one gave me much of an offer, so I said, screw it, I'll turn it into a blog.