Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mexico's Newest Crime Wave

Evidently, thieves are targeting the wearers of luxury watches in Mexico City. Money quote:
Many residents already know that you have to be crazy to wear jewelry or watches because around here the robbery of such articles is common, despite the police presence.
Over/under before this gets turned into evidence of the worsening situation in Mexico in the American media: 17 days. (My money's on Fox News.) A possible lede for such a story:
The unwritten rule used to be that decapitations were fine, but an honorable kingpin didn't touch his victim's jewels. Now, in an unprecedented turn of events marking the descent of the nation under Felipe Calderón, a man's Rolex is no longer off limits.


Burro Hall said...

An acquaintance of mine arrived at Mex City airport wearing a Rolex, which was removed from him at gunpoint minutes later by two guys on a motorcycle who pulled up next to his taxi at a red light, apparently having followed him from the terminal. This was in 2006, but it didn't get written up in the paper, so it doesn't count.

pc said...

It's not too late, it's only been four years. Someone could still buy it.

What a bummer about the watch.