Monday, August 22, 2011

PGR Doings

Bajo Reserva says that the house-cleaning continues:
The broom and the brush will continue to be very handy implements in the PGR. We are told that the thorough scrubbing will continue in the agency. After the state delegations of the PGR were purged, the attorney general, Marisela Morales, will now move on to cleaning three other areas. The Federal Investigative Agency, the ministerios públicos [the officials who double as investigative officers and prosecutors], and the servicios periciales [the first-responders who run the crime scenes] will be submitted to a detailed revision and vetting. We are told that in the coming weeks there will certainly be dust, because the house is very, very dirty.
Also, El Universal reported a few days ago that the agency will seek to recapture Jorge Hank Rhon, based on the argument that the judge who ordered the former Tijuana mayor's release did not fully consider the evidence against him. If Morales is choosing to pick at the wound of one of the government's most embarrassing failures in recent years, she had better be standing on pretty firm ground. To take another run at him only to see the case fall apart again would be an incredibly silly decision.

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