Sunday, August 7, 2011

Against the Prevailing Narrative

For what it's worth, Inegi says Mexicans are growing slightly more positive with regard to public security:
In July, the perception regarding public security in households of the country saw an improvement in comparison to the results 12 months ago, revealed the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The agency also revealed that in the seventh month of this year the Index of Perception of Public Security (IPSP) came out at 100.6 points 5.2 percent above what was reported in July of 2010, owing to the fact that all of the partial components that compose the IPSP increased.

The measure of current personal security...came out at 99.4 units, its best level since 2009. In comparison with July 2010, that demonstrates an advance of 4.6 percent. It's worth emphasizing, however, that 57.45 percent of those polled said they felt "worse" or "much worse" on that topic.

The indicators that determines the state of personal security in 365 days, compared to the present, advanced 3.8 percent. However, 30.4 of the population thinks that the situation will grow worse.

As far as the questions that evaluate public security today compared with that of 12 months ago, and the question that compares the future situation with today's, they improved by 2 and 3.9 percent, respectively.


jd said...

Articles on the IPSP reports emerge every few months, and I find them a bit odd - why do they only compare on a year-on-year basis and not with respect to recent months? I guess crime can have certain seasonal rhythms, but it's certainly nothing like the rhythms of economic indicators. I appreciate the year-on-year, but with a phenomenon as dynamic as Mexican insecurity, month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter would be nice too. A small thing, but these articles are ALWAYS written the exact same way.

pc said...

That's pretty funny, I hadn't noticed that with this specifically. Though I've seen that habit with a lot of other stuff in Mexico, and it is annoying and can be misleading. I mean by all means give me the 12 months ago info, but why not three months ago also?