Monday, August 8, 2011

Calderón's Approval, Mexico's Path

El Universal has a new poll from Buendía y Laredo today that has some typically unflattering news regarding Felipe Calderón: a 53 percent approval rating which has been stable in recent months but is one off of his all-time low, but with the 2011's highest marks for Calderón delivering less than respondents expected (52 percent) and Calderón's government presently passing through it's worst moment (49 percent).

On the plus side, the right path-wrong path question has showed some significant movement: just 39 percent said that Mexico is on a bad or very bad track, dropping for the fourth consecutive poll. The high in November was 54 percent. Just 29 percent say that the country is on a good or very good track, so the balance is still negative, but the progression is positive.

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