Monday, August 1, 2011

Calderón in Michoacán

Luisa María Calderón, brother of Felipe, is now the PAN candidate for governor of Michoacán. This follows Rubén Moreira's winning the seat his brother had recently vacated in Coahuila in July, though I think the situation is a bit different for a couple of reason: Humberto Moreira was controlling the state government in Coahuila when his brother was tabbed as his successor, which is not the case with Felipe Calderón, and there was a primary. And, of course, Calderón is nowhere near the short-money bet to win that Moreira was.

If Cocoa Calderón does pull this off, she will succeed where her brother failed: Felipe finished third in the race to be Michoacán's governor in 1995.

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