Monday, August 29, 2011

More on the Arrests

The number is now five Zetas that have been detained in Nuevo León. Governor Rodrigo Medina says that the attack was "directed at the casino and not the civilian population". I'm not sure if that means the deaths were an accident, according to authorities, or if he's just saying that to reassure the locals. There have been lots of reports from witnesses, however, that say that the men behind the attack were screaming at everyone to get out when they started to light the casino on fire, which seems to support Medina's version.

Anyway, this again demonstrates that when the security agencies are properly motivated, they are as capable of tracking down the bad guys as one would hope. The problem is that, too often, only something truly horrific seems to serve as proper motivation.


Richard said...

One gets the feeling that the Zetas may have allowed these bozos to be caught. Even in criminal organizations, screw-ups that negatively affect the brand name are addressed aggressively, and the guys who botched the project are usually hung out to dry. Being criminals and all, I{d have expected they'd be dead by now, but wait a few months... they'll be killed in the next prison "riot".

Not to sound cynical, but the Zetas realize that they can get away with killing migrants or campesinos (how long does it take the police to capture those killers, absent international pressure?), but not killing upper middle-class middle-aged women.

pc said...

I think there might be some truth to that. I also think that it sounds like Lazca (along with the rest of the leaders) doesnt quite have absolute control over his group, and that a lot of the violence from the Zetas is reflective of that. It is just too irrational.