Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Sicilia

I have a new piece at Este País. Also, this piece on Mexican cinema in 15 movies is a good read.


gtodon said...

Excellent piece. I'm always disappointed by the reporting on Sicilia and his movement in the US press. The first error is assuming that the movement represents a broad swath of the Mexican population. As you point out, it doesn't. Even more annoying is a sort of unquestioning reverence of Sicilia, on the grounds, I guess, that he's a poet and that his son was a victim. I feel sorry for Sicilia, and I don't doubt his integrity, but he doesn't deserve the Dalai Lama treatment.

Come to think of it, neither does the Dalai Lama.

pc said...

Thanks. I couldn't agree more, the US media really has dropped the ball on this, haven't they? They fell in love with Sicilia, which is understandable, but too many ignored anything that cut against the idea of his as a citizen leader of a sudden mass rejection against the govt's crime policies. This was my personal favorite:


"For the first time, wider Mexican society started having a conversation about how the country..." For the first time, eh?