Friday, October 22, 2010

Peña Nieto's Successor?

One of the obvious difficulties ahead of the PAN-PRD alliance in the State of Mexico is settling on a candidate acceptable to both parties. In most states where they've had an alliance, one party is clearly dominant, and the ideological leanings of the alliance candidate trend in that direction. But in Mexico you have quite a bit of support for both the PRD and the PAN, so there's no easy solution. What to do? Evidently, you offer it to a likable pop star/actress with no political history whatsoever. At least, that's about all the sense I can make of the rumor that Lucero has been offered the candidacy. Either that, or her people are exaggerating an offhand conversation. Or maybe La Novia de América has always been policy wonk trapped in an entertainer's body.


Mexfiles said...

Sounds like a really, really bad newsroom joke.. wasn't Lucero the one who had her body-guard pull a gun on a roomful of entertainment reporters a few years back?

pc said...

That's the one. She also farted into a microphone like 15 years ago while bowing after a song. Pobre. I think she disappeared from the scene for years afterward.