Friday, October 15, 2010

Another 40 for La Barbie

La Barbie is that rare Mexican arrestee given consecutive arraigos, which means up to 80 days behind bars without charges being filed. I'm not saying they should let him out, but this seems reflective of the same investigative torpor that prevails nationwide, and probably had something to do with the michoacanazo going bust. Even if they have the luxury of the 80 days, why not formalize is with a charge? Why not have indictments ready for all the major drug traffickers, so the government doesn't have to rely on the arraigo when they are caught? It would help move the criminal justice system away from the opacity and informality that prevail today, which contribute to widespread corruption.

This is also odd because when he arrested, the word was that he was going to extradited with all due haste.

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