Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chinese Links with Mexican Criminals, and Mexican Criminals' Links with the World Economy

Both of those elements were on display in yesterday's cover story in Milenio: the PGR says that La Familia sold 1.1 million tons of illegally mined iron ore, worth $42 million, to Chinese companies. The accusation was made with regard to the arrest of Nacho López, a recently arrested alleged financial operator of La Familia. In addition to illegally feeding China's voracious appetite for steel, López is also said to have made several trips to the US, where he served five years in prison in the 1990s for a heroin conviction, to set up companies that were used to launder La Familia's cash.

Also, today Milenio is reporting that the PGR says it has proof of illicit business links between Julio César Gody and López.

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