Thursday, October 14, 2010

Damning Tapes

The PGR has released a recording of Julio César Godoy, the fugitive deputy and half-brother of Michoacán Governor Leonel Godoy, speaking with a great deal of familiarity and friendliness with Servando La Tuta Gómez, a big shot in La Familia. Creepily, Godoy calls him tío, while Gómez refers to the politician as mijo. Of course, while damning, that alone isn't a crime, but Godoy also asks Gómez to deal with a reporter "who is fucking with us a lot". La Tuta obliges, and also encourages Godoy to be careful, because "things are hot". I'm looking forward to Godoy's justification.

Evidence like this, and not necessarily taped conversations but something tangible and ready for public viewing, was conspicuously absent in the michoacanazo.

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